SVG Glass Effect The xx - I See You


This week I had another challenge from my mate Stuart. He wanted me to recreate the album cover for The xx I See You.

Here's the original cover.

The xx I See You album cover

The trick to this is that there is a glassy effect on the page. It turned out that using almost the same trick of feDisplacementMap from Stuarts last request did the job, with a little CSS clip-path magic similar to the Velvet Underground cover.

If you watch the videos from those two posts, and then have a look at the code for this week, you should have a good idea of how the effect was reached. If not, let me know on Twitter! I'm always happy to answer questions.

Also, for those eagle eyed amongst you, no I havent used the same picture as in the I See You cover. That's because the original is already distorted! Instead I used this wonderful image from Unsplash bu Su San Lee!