Riverside v1 - p5js


It's amazing to see what happens when you start to get the hang of something.

I've been trying to do this creative coding stuff for nearly a year now, and improving day by day, but this project has shown me how that 1% improvement a day truly adds up.

It would have been impossible to me 12 months ago to think I could have coded what's above, and in only ~300 lines of code!

None of this would be possible without what I learned from Matt DesLauriers, Keith Peters and Dan Shiffman. The incredible thing here is that their content is largely free.

It's important to think about that. Free. Look at the progress from my first sloppy canvas experient back in March to what you see above. There's clearly HUGE value in what these people are giving away for free, and they've made it so ENJOYABLE. I've made sure to support each of them by buying, supporting or subscribing something that they're involved in.