Race Car - Postprocessing


Ever since I saw this picture originally, I've wanted to find out how to copy it, but with race cars! And now I've figured it out!

3D pigs

Unfortunately I cant find the original source, I stupidly just saved the image, not the tweet. Any help here would be welcome!

The steps in the end are reasonably easy. Import a model of what ever you want. I found this cool F1 car model. Set it up in a grid, and then comes the magic, shaders!

It took me a while to first learn that shaders werent just for your models, the can be put on your scene too. To do this you need EffectComposer (seems to hold the result of your effects) and RenderPass which gets your original view.

Now that you have a view (RenderPass) stored in a composer (EffectComposer), you can do ShaderPasses. This is where the magic happens.

For this effect I'm running the default Threejs LuminosityShader and SobelOperatorShader shaders, then a little custom one just to flip the black and white. Job done!